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Sansin protects some of the most innovative structures in the world.

IndustrialThe UBC Earth Sciences Centre, the Colorado Walking Mountains Science Centre and the Halifax Farmers Market are just a few examples of the unique beauty and performance offered by Sansin Enviro Stains. Backed by over twenty five years of proven performance, Sansin is the world leader in environmentally-friendly wood protection and continues to deliver premium environmentally-friendly wood coatings that enhance performance without compromise.

What kind of protection does your project need?

What Enviro Stain works best depends on the design of your structure or the intended use of the product. For example, high moisture environments can generate wood moisture content ranges of 20–70%, making the wood susceptible to decay – which would require a specialized preservative treatment. Or perhaps your specifications call for a finish with exceptional clarity. One of Sansin’s multi-coat systems will help you create just the right look, in tandem with the right level of protection. And if you want to take advantage of the beautiful grain character that only wood can offer, our family of natural, saturated and translucent colors offer exceptionally crisp, clear tones that bring wood to life.

Whether you’re an architect or an engineer, if you’re looking to protect your new building Sansin has the professional-grade Enviro Stain that’s right for your project. Scroll down for an overview of our family of industrial wood protection products – or get inspired by browsing the Photo Gallery below for examples of projects featuring Sansin Enviro Stains.

Peace of mind you can depend on.

Our warranties are developed in partnership with our clients. Warrantied surfaces from Sansin factory finishing systems mean you can manage your maintenance costs and help give you a competitive advantage. Together, we can develop rigorous application quality control systems tailored to your exact requirements, to help ensure the substrate that you manufacture or build with is protected just the way it was designed.


Roof Tec


Two-coat finish that extends the life and beauty of cedar shingle roofs.

Enhance the natural beauty of your cedar shake or shingle roof, while protecting against weathering and wood rot. Highly rain and UV resistant.


SDF Foundation


Penetrating base coat that improves top coat performance.

Penetrating base coat that protects against weathering and UV. Easily topcoated – designed to enhance topcoat performance.


Precision Coat Exterior


Environmentally-friendly factory finishes for exterior surfaces.

Warrantied factory finishes for decks, siding, shingles, millwork and engineered substrates. Designed for exceptional performance, beauty and durability.


Precision Coat Interior


Environmentally-friendly 0-VOC factory finishes for interior surfaces.

Warrantied 0-VOC factory finishes for floors, walls, ceilings, engineered substrates and millwork. Designed for exceptional performance, beauty and durability.