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Sansin ENS: A beautiful premium finish for any project, new or old.


Beautiful premium finish for any project, new or old.

Sansin ENS is a durable two-coat finish that can be applied to virtually any surface – from millwork, to siding, to decks and even to improve the performance of other coatings. That’s because ENS is self-priming and offers exceptional adhesion to almost any surface, resulting in a satin or gloss finish of exceptional beauty.

ENS is highly resistant to wear, doesn’t discolour over time, and provides some of the toughest UV protection available. For even longer maintenance cycles, undercoat Sansin ENS with SDF or Classic. Whatever your project, the exceptional characteristics of ENS – in either natural, semi-transparent or solid finishes – will raise it to a new standard of beauty and durability.

View the Sansin ENS Product Data Sheet (PDF) for information about application, preparation, maintenance, and more.