Environmentally-friendly factory finishes for exteriors.

Exterior environmentally-friendly factory finishes.

Sansin Precision Coat Factory Finishes are available in specialized formulas for single or multi-step protection for all exterior wood surfaces – decks, siding, shingles, millwork, engineered substrates and more. Precision Coat is designed to meet exceptional performance and beauty characteristics while achieving standardized production quality and cost efficiencies.

Our proprietary penetrating water-borne alkyd formulations mean that Precision Coat is factory friendly, environmentally-friendly, low in VOC’s, with low to zero toxicity – while providing the performance you’d expect from a traditional alkyd formula. Available in clear, translucent and solid-hide finishes that can be customized to meet your specific project requirements – including preservative and fire retardant treatments.

Warranties are developed in partnership with our clients based on the requirements of their products and range from 2-5 years for horizontal surfaces, and 5-25 years for vertical surfaces (depending on substrate, finish type, opacity and characteristics of finish).

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